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Justice League War Torrent

DC just released the Awesome New “Justice League War” and Its a pretty awesome. There is constant action from beginning to end and delivers on a promise to dive deep into the Justice league of the new 52! Check out more info and Screen grabs from Justice league War! Justice League War Torrent Incoming search […]

Justice League: War Trailer

So we finally have a look at the FULL Justice League: War trailer featuring the Justice league Meeting for the first time and going up against Darkseid. We also have some Additional Images from the trailer below. The Justice League: War plot follows our heroes as the come together to form the justice league and […]

Justice League: War

The 18th movie for the DC Universe Animated Original Movies franchise is ‘Justice League:War’. Based on Jim Lee’s and Geoff Johns “Justice League Vol 1: Origin” story line. The Justice League: War plot depicts the meeting of the infamous team and, unlike the original version, it isn’t’ all sunshine and roses. In this version, these […]

Justice League: War

After the credits of Flashpoint we got a sneak peek at a scene that showed us a Bunch of paradeamons flying into the screen. Although the clip only lasted a few seconds it was enough to give a huge hint at the subject matter for the next DC animated film. Since Flashpoint was based in […]
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