As it turns out there are 3 new dead Ghost locations during Crota’s End Raid Post-Destiny 2.0 update. Reddit Users esoterickk created a Post detailing where each Dead Ghost is during the Crota’s End Raid. Check out his post below and let us know what you think. MoreConsole also uploaded a video showing exactly how to get them.

Ghost #1 is in The Abyss and can be found after the 6th lamp. You head 90 degrees after the 6th lamp (to the right from when you’re approaching the lamp) until you hit the edge of the map, turn left a little and the ghost will be there. This ghost is named “Ghost Fragment: Thorn 4”.

Ghost #2 is also in The Abyss, however it’s just after you form the bridge and in the light that transitions you to the second part of the raid. It’s at the very last pillar on the left. You jump on top of it and the Ghost will be there. It helps if you are facing backwards to get better vision. This ghost is named “Ghost Fragment: The Hellmouth 2”.

Ghost #3 can be obtained in the room where you fight Ir Yut/Crota. It is in the room where you kill the shrieker on the left (if you’re facing where Crota spawns), hanging above on one of the dangling wires near the ceiling. This ghost is named “Ghost Fragment: The Hellmouth”.

Credit to /u/mattdp3/u/TheDarion and /u/yoyopm who found these ghosts originally.

MoreConsole Video Pointing to the location of the new 3 ghost locations during Crota’s End RAID.



Original Post from Reddit:

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3 new Ghost locations during Crota’s End Raid