Anime has been around for a while now and we have been gifted with many great stories from many different writers. I Myself like many others were exposed to anime through one of the greats, Dragon ball Z.  I personally loved Dragon ball Z because the story was nothing like your typical superhero story.  It was a different take on what it takes to be a superhero and how someone can become one without even realizing it.  That love at first sight feeling has been reignited with the new series called Dragon ball Super.  So here are Six reasons why you should be binge watching Dragon Ball Super.


6.-Power Ups

Ask any fan what comes to mind when they think about Dragon Ball Z and its Powering up. What fan does not have embedded in them the thought of a sweaty beaten up Goku facing a brutal villian named Frieza on his last leg.  The undying eyes on Goku’s face and the emotion running through Goku who had Just lost his best friend Krillen. The anger and love pushing Goku to the breaking point of achieving the level of power needed to defeat the Evil Frieza. Aaahhhhhhh and the Super Saiyan was born.  How many of us have not stood up and yelled at the top of our lungs to see if maybe even for a second we can become a Super Saiyan. Well Dragonball Super has all the goosebumps hair raising power ups you will need. The exciting part of it is they are putting a new twist to it.  Instead of going to Super Saiyan 5 or 6 we have blue and Ultra Instinct and many more to enjoy and hopefully it will help are Z fighters win.


5.- Goku isn’t the only strong character

Through out the Dragon Ball Z franchise one thing almost always stays the same Goku is King.  Is there something wrong with that? Not necessarily but when telling a story about one guy that always wins and beats the other guy, well that can get really boring really fast.  What I like about Dragon Ball Super is Goku of course is King but his crown is in jeopardy.  Not only by the god of destruction but also his rival Vegeta and others as in the angels, Frieza, other gods of destructions and other universe fighters.  Unlike before its not just Goku vs the bad guy, its Dragon Ball Z universe vs new guys.


Why is Frieza a reason to watch Dragon ball Super, well its simple he is very interesting, and the writers who brought him back know that. Unlike the many other times Frieza was brought back this time he has strength to back his mouth up, he is no longer a joke. Watch Dragon Ball Z Resurrection F”.  He is a force to be reckoned with and its just hilarious to see how Goku somehow always makes his enemies who want to kill him work with him and eventually become a friend.  Also, as my previous reason pointed out, he is another fighter that is on par with Goku and gives a depth to the show that makes it more interesting and appealing. Like it or not friends the good guy always winning is not always fun to watch.




Jiren is the man hands down.  Never has there been a foe like Jiren for Goku and I think that is why people are so into the new series and want more. Jiren is strong and not only does he know it but 12 universes know it.  Its exactly what the writers needed a protagonist that can not be beaten by Goku alone. Goku either needs to become stronger or his friends need to step up.  However that is not the only reason why Jiren is a must see.  Jiren is quite and mysterious.  He is the strongest of the Pride fighters however he is not their leader or the next candidate to be the god of destruction, Toppo is. So the question remains why.




I have to admit Vegeta is my favorite character so I am a little bias.  As I stated earlier Goku always winning is nice but that can get boring.  And the long running joke of Vegeta always being just a hair weaker than Goku drives me crazy. That is why Dragon ball Super gives me hope.  Vegeta might be getting his moment in the spot light he is finally but slowly removing himself from Goku’s Shadow.  The Saiyan Prince will get is moment.  Don’t Miss it!!!



Now all the points I have listed have to do with one thing and that is the story.   The story and how it is written is the reason we watch. Without it we would not care about what is going to happen next week. This Dragon Ball Super Tale is not only well written, it has a lot of potential on where it can go. From what is the deal with the angels, why is Jiren not in charge, will Goku or Vegeta becomes gods of destruction, and what is Goku’s ulterior motive. So many question and the only way to get the answer is to Watch.


Here are a few ways you can watch Dragonball Super online and at home:

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6 Reason why you should be watching Dragon Ball Super