As we close in on the newest chapter of Gotham, David Mazouz (Bruce Wayne), Sean Pertwee (Alfred Pennyworth), Chris Chalk (Lucius Fox) and Drew Powell (Butch Gilzean) stopped by DragonCon to drop hints about Season 3. While they couldn’t say much, they gave just enough tidbits to hold us over for the next two weeks.

The biggest news is that we might be seeing less involvement, at least directly, for the Adolescent Crusader. Mazouz teased a big event at the opening of the new season with enough significance to make Bruce step back from his crusade. His investigation into those responsible behind the death of his parents begins putting those he cares about in danger, with that threat likely coming from the Court of Owls previewed at the end of last season.

As for his relationship with his caretaker and surrogate father, Pertwee said there would be a softening in their dynamic. As Bruce pares down his aggressive pursuit of the truth, he leaves room to listen to Alfred’s advice, showing us the beginning of the elder Brit’s shift to mentoring confidant for a maturing vigilante. It won’t be a snoozefest though, as Pertwee promised a good Alfred fight in Wayne manor’s conservatory.

The pre-Dark Knight’s other ally, Lucius Fox, remains dedicated to keeping the young Wayne safe, according to Chalk. He’s “the sober guy in a room full of drunks,” Chalk said to a laugh. Viewers can expect to see more of Lucius’ enigmatic but benevolent guidance as Bruce steps back and reconsiders his options.

On the villainous side, Drew Powell talked about the strange friendship that developed between the murderous Oswald and the psychologically tortured Butch. Powell talked about the connection between the two characters, both before and after the mind control incident perpetrated by Oswald, a connection that sets the tone for the upcoming season. It won’t all be roses, however, as Butch will also be pulled in another direction by Tabitha Galavan (played by Jessica Lucas). The love interest vs. criminal associate dynamic will see Butch trying to make sense of his new place in the order of things. And you thought your social life was a tangled mess.

Tune in Monday for an all-new season of supervillains, proto-heroes and kick ass English butlers


A Preview of “Gotham” Season 3!