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Marvel’s Brian Michael Bendis Gives us the scoop on  AGE OF ULTRON and some exclusive Details about the Upcoming Marvel-Universe changing series.  A few weeks ago marvel gave us a teaser to an upcoming event and all we got from it was “March 2013 A.U.” for a while we have No Idea what the heck it ment until recently rumors started to go around that the “A.U.” stood for “AGE OF ULTRON”. So now Bendis reveals details about the “AGE OF ULTRON” and how it will effect your favorite characters.

According to Bendis:

In the vein of Infinity GauntletSecret Invasion and Civil WarAge of Ultron is a massive Marvel Universe-spanning Event. One of our most famous villains, Ultron, the super artificial intelligence, has fulfilled his destiny and taken the Earth. This story touches every corner of the Marvel Universe and will have an amazing effect on things going forward. We have taken the time to do this right- everything is gorgeous, every page matters, and most of all- something I’m very proud of- is that it will be shipping at a furious pace. Every day for the last year and a half people have been asking me when this story will come and I’m thrilled to announce that it is here.


That being said here is a Preview of “AGE OF ULTRON” Number 1!


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