Marvel has revealed their final character poster featuring the Vision from Avengers Age of Ultron. Marvel has released individual Character posters for Avengers Age of Ultron movie. Check out Vision played by Paul Bettany Below.



Ultron Creates The Vision Based on Tony Starks J.A.R.V.I.S Program hence Paul Bettany playing and voicing the character.  We have a theory that The Vision May turn on Ultron because of his connection to Tony over the years.  With The Vision being revealed last and also barley shown in the Age of Ultron trailers we think he will play a Major roll in the movie plot. Repeating the same play from the first Avengers movie with the HULK being a Major Catalyst in the movie plot we think Vision May play that role.

Additionally, we think the Avengers Age of Ultron after credit scene May involve Thanos or another Marvel Galactic Character Making a play for earth or the beginnings of the Infinity War. Or simply and this would be Massively AWESOME! an Appearance by spiderman!

Avengers Age of Ultron – The Vision Revealed!