Check out these awesome GUn cut aways from Ukrainian artist Abiator. Below he has cut aways of the Colt .45 the AK47 and even a MGL m32 Grenade Launcher. Also, Abiator has some pretty cool renderings of conceptual weapons from Sci-fi and a pretty realistic Delorean rendering.

First up the the American Classic the Colt .45


AK-47, The model has 60k triangles Whoa! Thats a Hell of alot of Triangles! But totally worth it because the rendering is spot on and looks totally realistic.



The MGL m32 Grenade Launcher Is more than just a cut away its a dissection of the weapon and a part by part description.

milkor_mgl_in_black_by_abiator-d5oea41 milkor_mgl_by_abiator-d5nzs9k

This Delorean is a Low-Poly render but the advanced texturing and lighting gives it a Fantastic Real look.


Click here to check out more of his work! 

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