We all know that The Rock has been tied to a future DC movie but so much mystery surrounds the future production and the exact role. But if we had to take a guess based on The Rocks interest in DC comics we would narrow it down to two characters, ether John Stewart who has been tied to the new Batman Vs Superman movie or Black Adam.

In a recent Tweet the Rock Said this about Both characters:

“Green Lantern (John Stewart) and Black Adam are my fav superheroes, but GL’s already been made and stamped.”


Its No secret that DC has plans to Expand theMovie verse after Batman Vs Superman with the Justice League movie to be directed by Zack Snyder. Because of the Tweet above Many have The rock to playing Black adman but I can image him in a more friendly and powerful role. Something like The rock playing Shazam would be Epic!

Also, We could see The rock tied to CW TV show Arrow Based on DC comics Character Green Arrow. The show recently added a Sci-Fi Element with Slade WIlson having superpowers as Death stroke and also References to and a Cameo of The Flash (Barry Allen).

Let us know what you think of the Rock being involved in the “Batman Vs Superman” Movie as Black adam or Lobo!

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