There’s no doubt that Black Panther is an important film with an important message. Black Panther uses complex characters and rich storytelling to engage us in a dialogue about race and politics. Just as important as all that was the fashion. Here are three women who wove their names into the world of Wakanda.

Wardrobe: Ruth E. Carter
Ruth E. Carter created over 1,000 costumes for the film, inspired by Afropunk fashion and traditional African clothing. The aesthetic is described as Afrofuturism, which uses technology and science fiction to examine the themes and concerns of the African disapora.

Jewelry: Douriean Fletcher
For the accessories, Ruth turned to jewelry designer Douriean Fletcher, whom she met at a jewelry show in New Orleans. While beadwork is found all throughout Africa, the team was especially inspired by the art of the Chakana, where beads were stacked up the neck.

Hair: Camille Friend
The debate around natural hair has long been part of the discourse about the African American experience. Camille Friend, who heads up Black Panther’s hair department, took an Afrocentric, natural hair approach.

In the World of Wakanda, the details matter, and the clothes, the jewelry, and the hair are just as important as the plot. What were your favorite looks from the Black Panther movie? Let me know in the comments.

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Black Panther: Examining the Fashions of Wakanda