I am a lover of Movies.

So when Black Panther was announced I was filled with Joy mixed with a bit of fear.

Fear of not knowing if Hollywood would make the oh so common mistake of choosing action over a great Story. Comics, which are stories with pictures, are the whole reason we go to the movies. Movies bring that story we fell in love with alive right before our eyes. Yet we have been burned oh so many times by Marvel and DC.

After all the Marvel and DC movies that have come out, how could a superhero movie awe us. Big explosions and the good guy wins oh and millions of dollars thrown at it. I just made a superhero movie.

Please do not misunderstand Black Panther has the explosions with action to satisfy our adrenaline junkie side. However, it has something more something we as moviegoers sometimes deny or ignore.

That is Black Panther tells a tale, a tale that is near and dear to our hearts and brings a message we also have overlooked, like the great stories Hollywood chooses to abandon. A message we all deep down know to be true but yet ignore and that is we are all in this together.

Black Panther still wounded by the lost of his father must lead a country and be its example. He is burden and struggles with tradition vs his morals. What T’Challa decides will not only affect him or his people and country but also the world.

As the saying goes “What is worse than a bad man is a good man that does nothing. No I will not tell you to go watch Black Panther because that decision you have already made.

What I will tell you is listen to the story and hear the message. Long live the King

Hint Hint- There are End Credits and Post Credits so Do Not Miss Them.

Black Panther Movie Mini Review – Long Live The King