If you think your job is hard, try this on for size.


20-year-old Cailee Spaeny is acting in her first big film, and it just so happens to be “Pacific Rim: Uprising.” Spaeny tells Geek Prime the hardest part: acting against all that CGI.


“It was really challenging,” according to Spaeny. “It’s all your imagination, and you really have to be in the […] mindset to use your brain to create these Kaiju and to create these scenarios in your head.”


But the Pacific Rim team wasn’t asleep on the job.

“There are a lot of visuals set out from the team,” Spaeny said of the design department. “The first day on set they had all these pictures on the walls in the meeting room of what the new Kaiju and Jaegers would look like.” Spaeny says the creative team kept the cast prepared all through filming.


“But it’s definitely a workout for your brain.”

As for her old career as a pop star, Spaeny might not be running back any time soon.

“Music will always be a part of me,” she explains. “But I’m kind of liking this acting thing. It’s going pretty well, so I’ll stick with that.”

As for combining the two and doing a musical: “Yes please.”

In a moment relatable to all of us non-music-or-movie-stars, Spaeny explained her first day on set:

“They sent me on a ferry in Australia to go on this island — this island in the middle of nowhere called Cockatoo Island. (editor’s note: we looked it up, it’s actually in the middle of Sydney harbor) And we did the first scene of me meeting with John on my first day on set. So it was very crazy, I’m like ‘ok, first day on set, I’m filming on an island in Australia with John Boyega and — what is happening? So that was a pretty cool experience.”

We agree Cailee, that is pretty cool.


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Cailee Spaeny Talks “Pacific Rim: Uprising”