We all have seen Trash wash up on the beach and most of us simply walk by and feel horrible for the animals who live in the beautiful ocean. But some of us take the trash we find washed up on the beach and dispose of it. Well in this case something so awesome washed up on the beach it had to be taken home and identified. Are a few photos and a post on Reddit one user discovered he didn’t have just an ordinary piece of Junk, He had Space JUNK!

Usually when Junk falls from space to the earth it ether burns up in the upper atmosphere or it falls in the the ocean and sinks to the bottom. Check out the Photos below and see what actually fell from the heavens and also its origins!

1-space-junk-falling-to-earth 2-space-junk-falling-to-earth 3-space-junk-falling-to-earth 4-space-junk-falling-to-earth 6-space-junk-falling-to-earth 7-space-junk-falling-to-earth 8-space-junk-falling-to-earth 9-space-junk-falling-to-earth 10-space-junk-falling-to-earth

11-space-junk 12-space-junk

Space junk falling to earth

I can’t Believe what washed up on this local beach!