Learn how to play Cards against humanity online with these official rules and some awesome card examples for download. Also, multiplayer, haiku & tips for getting the best awesome points from the Card zar!

You must be bored playing the same party games with your friends all the time. If that is the case, we would like to mention the game Cards Against Humanity. It can be the most awkward yet the most entertaining and funny game you can indulge in with your friends. It’s a card game and you choose answers to questions put forward. The answers are all funny, weird and outright offensive, making way for a laughter filled evening. The game is so popular, that people even want to play Cards Against Humanity online.

The game is distributed under Creative Commons License, so there’s a few on the internet. But they cannot be called by the same name, so the title differs. You can also buy the game from anywhere also from Cards Against Humanity Walmart stores and other e-commerce sites. Before we proceed to Cards Against Humanity online resources, let’s see how the game is played.

How to Play Cards Against Humanity? (Cards against humanity rules)

The game comes in form of black question cards and white answer cards. One player in each round reads the questions and others answer with their chosen white cards. Then the funniest answer is chosen and given a point.

The player with most points wins the game.

For example, the black card presents the question “What’s on my back?” You can reply using your white cards which may have anything written on it. So your reply can be “Elvis Presley” to “Australian men having a gay time.”

You may find different rules in Cards Against Humanity examples, but this is the basic one. For more detailed information, you can read our Cards Against Humanity rules section.

Make your own Game with Cards Against Humanity PDF

As the game is distributed under the CC License, you can make your own set of cards from the Cards Against Humanity PDF.

The ebook is a complete resource of the rules of the game and contains the black and white cards. You just need to print and cut them out.

It’s the easiest way to get your game and start playing with your friends for a great time!

Here is a Video with the Cards against humanity rules:


Cards Against Humanity Online Resources
There are few websites where you can play a version of Cards Against Humanity online. They are not developed by the real owner of the game but give you a feel of the thing.

The answers and questions may also differ from the set that you own. The CC License allows others to contribute to the answers and questions, so you may find some uncommon ones.

Cards Against Humanity online versions are great when you want to play a hand but no friends are around. So you just use your browser, join a game and have fun. There are options to create your own game where others join in to play.

Let’s see where you can play your most favorite game!

Pretend You’re Xyzzy

This is the most perfect Cards Against Humanity online clone you will come across. The service is completely new and it is under development. But that will not stop you from playing the game.
Just put a nickname and choose from multiple ongoing games.

You will also find a chat option where you can interact with other players. Pretend You’re Xyzzy will be launched on a full scale basis soon. So till then you can have fun playing the games, maybe with a few glitches. But that is always expected in beta versions. You can expect superior gaming once the beta stage is over.

World’s Filthiest CAH Online

This is another platform where you can try your hands at Cards Against Humanity online. Just enter a name for the game and your password to start your game. You can choose games from a list or make your own. Another option is joining a random game that is going on.

The website has 8,718 custom decks in their collection.

Cards for Humanity

Play your Cards Against Humanity online while helping the world!
You can play the popular game in digital format on the website, but you need to sign up first.
During the game, you will be given reminders to make a donation to charity. All proceeds are forwarded to Make A Wish Foundation and no profit motive is involved.

Decks Against Society

A simple website and yet another clone of Cards Against Humanity!
You need to register before you can join a game, though no email is required. After you log in, you can find a game or create your own.
You will find a huge database of cards on the website.

Cards Against Humanity Lab (best way to play cards against humanity online)

This is the closest you can get to playing the real thing. It is owned by Cards Against Humanity and is an online, but cut down version of the game.
You don’t need to sign up or join any game. It is a one player thing where you can enjoy a few rounds of the original game.

The website just asks your age and few details and you are on your way to answering the questions. The black question cards appear automatically and you choose the funniest answer from your white cards.
You can even skip questions and go to next round if you don’t find the content funny.
The website is constantly updated so that you always get a fresh and hilarious experience.

cards against humanity online

cards against humanity online



Black Cards – iOS Expansion App

If you have an iPhone or iPad, you can download the Black Cards app to get more out of your Cards Against Humanity.
Remember that it is not the full game but an expansion pack. You can also buy new sets of cards through the app in cost effective manner.

The real Cards Against Humanity online game is not available anywhere right now. We mean to say that the owners don’t have any online version. So you can take advantage of the resources that we gave here.
Try out Pretend You’re Xyzzy and other versions to see which one you like the best.

Cards against humanity online & Official Rules