Just to remind us all where this ultimate Geek fantasy started! Carrie Fischer … on the beach in her Princess Leia Slave costume …. = your day has just been made.

Also, 10 Facts you may not have know about Leia Slave costume & the famous Jaba the Hunt Scene.


1. Costume was created because Carrie Fisher didn’t like her original outfit from Star Wars: A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back. She told Lucas it wasn’t sexy enough and she really didn’t feel like a women in the outfit. Understandable and we THANK you Carrie!





2. The Leia Slave outfit wasn’t just the uniform of actress Carrie Fisher but she also shared the look with stuntwoman Tracy Eddon. Below is a photo of both of them on the set getting a Tan between scenes.


3. The Leia Slave costume was Designed by Nilo Rodis-Jamero & Aggie Guerard Rodgers, and constructed by Industrial Light and Magic.


4. The Original Modeler got so excited to have the opportunity to Mold Carrie Fisher Bust that he was replaced … keep it cool man … smh.


5. The Original concept was inspired by fantasy artist Frank Frazetta’s artwork, Egyptian Queen seen below.


6. There was a metal version for scenes where Fisher didn’t really move, and a rubber one for performing stunt work like fighting off goons trying to take photos on Set lol. 



7. Weight and stiffness of the metal version meant that “wardrobe malfunctions” were common. Several scenes had to be re-shot because of accidental exposure. The Google search BEGIN!!!


8. Kenner toy company made a few action figures of Princess Leia, but they didn’t want to make a Slave Leia, because they thought it was too risque and Sexy. < -_-


9. In Hasbro’s Power of the Force collection, the first official Slave Leia was released in 1997, as “Jabba’s Prisoner” and till this day its a top selling item from the time. #Winning!


10. The Princess Leia Slave costume is a large part of pop culture. Its impossible to attend a Comic book convention and not see at least one person in Princess Leia Slave Cos-Play! Below are some Notable Popular TV appearances of the outfit and some Babies who owe their existence to George Lucas lol just kidding but its true lol

Jennifer Aniston, Friends; Source: NBC
Yvonne Strahovski, Chuck; Source: NBC
Kirsten Bell, Fanboys

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