Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd and Leah Thompson of the iconic 80s franchise Back to the Future chatted about the film in a packed hall at Wizard World Chicago.

Fans geeked out over the trio’s favorite scenes, the practicalities of time travel, and even whether Lloyd really ate bugs while playing Uncle Fester! But in anĀ era that’s seen a crush of remakes and reboots, many are wondering if the McFlys will suffer the same fate. Well, no need to get those flux capacitors fluxing to find the answer!

The film’s co-writer and producer, Bob Gale, couldn’t join the cast on stage, but sent along a video message addressing some of the franchise’s most popular questions.

First, will there ever be a Back to the Future, Part 4?

Gale’s answer was a resounding: no. “Back to the Future is a trilogy, and will always be as long as [BTTF co-writer and producer] Robert Zemeckis and I have any kind of say in the matter!”

So breathe easy if you’ve purchased the 30th Anniversary Trilogy Blu-ray: as long as the producers have control, you have THE definitive edition.

But what if they were to remake it?


“Remake? Why would they remake movies from the ’80s?” (Courtesy: Universal Pictures)

Well, as much as moderator Michael Klastorin tried to shut down any questions on the subject, a few did manage to sneak through and the cast was nice enough to offer their thoughts.

There didn’t seem to be any burning desire for a Back to the Future, Part 4, but some folks were curious about who the cast might like to see in their iconic roles if a reboot was in the cards.

After a moment of thought, Michael J. Fox didn’t offer up any particular actors, but revealed he “could see Marty [portrayed by] a girl.” Probably a smart move (if it were to happen), since no young male actors could ever quite catch that McFly Magic like Fox.

As for Lorraine, Leah Thompson quickly offered up: “My daughter Zoey looks just like me, and she’s an actress!” She certainly would have an inside track on the character!

In the case of everyone’s favorite inheritance-squandering eccentric, Christopher Lloyd looked out to the riveted, crowded room and humbly said: “I’d be happy to audition again” to wild applause.

As for a cameo in any (theoretical) remake, Fox said he wouldn’t be interested. Thompson said she would enjoy a cameo role, were it to come around. Lloyd avoided the question, probably smart since he would be planning a reprise instead!

So let us know what you think! Should there be a fourth installment of Back to the Future, or even a reboot? Or should Hollywood leave well enough alone? And if there was a fresh starts, who should take up the mantle of our time-traveling heroes and the McFly family?

Chances of a “Back to the Future, Part 4?!”