Check out the new Poster for The Flash TV show! Although its a little over photoshopped its still pretty cool to know there is more to come.

Grant Gustin plays The Flash and Made his first appearance in the CW’s “Arrow” as Barry Allen in the episode “The Scientist”. Fans got so excited for the cameo that CW decided to make the show a spin-off. Production has already started and we have some Set photos from the First EPisode of The Flash below.

Let us know what you guys think and what you are looking forward to the most from the show. I know I can’t wait to see him go up against The Reverse Flash and even Mirror Master. And we are all waiting for the Arrow himself Oliver Queen to make an appearance or two on The Flash TV series. The last time the CW had to great shows with crossover success was Hercules and Xena … lol

CW-the-flash-tv-series-1 CW-the-flash-tv-series-2

The Flash TV Series


Also Check out this Image of The Flash in full Suit!


CW’s The Flash TV Series Gets New Poster #TheFlash