Krypton TV show in the works

According to Bleeding cool, Man of Steel Writer David Goyer is attached to a TV project called Krypton. With the success of TV shows like Gotham and Arrow, it only makes sense to have a prequel type show of one of the most Fabled comic book world’s. There have been reports of a Supergirl TV show in the works and it makes sense now to assume she would be one of the main characters in a show called Krypton.

The story would obviously be set on the Home planet of Superman Krypton. Even with out the man of steel Krypton Pre-Destruction offers up a ton of possible story lines. The Krypton TV show could possibly explore the Multiple houses of Krypton like the house of El (Superman’s family), Brainiac, General ZOD & a Multitude of villains Pre phantom Zone.

In Man of steel Krypton got about 25 min of Screen time and Russell Crowe pulled off an amazing Jor’ El. Watching the action during the destruction of krypton was truly amazing and made me curious about the genesis chambers origins and also the Skull that was used to clone all of the current classes of Kryptonians.

Krypton-TV-show-Genisis-Chamber-01 Krypton-TV-show-Genisis-Chamber-02

Check out the Krypton Feature below.

Stay tuned for More info about the Krypton TV show.


David Goyer, Man Of Steel Writer is working on a ‘Krypton’ TV show!