Destiny 2 has a list of new exotic weapons, a new Raid & a ton of new features and updates that will make long time Destiny players and new players enjoy the game. We have looked all over and tried to grab as much information we could on the latest news drops about Destiny 2’s exotic weapons and their perks. We will talk about a few here and update this post as our Destiny 2 Exotic weapons list. Exotic weapon names may change we will keep this Destiny 2 Exotics list updated.

To get things started we will talk about the Rocket launcher a lot of us have been anticipating for months it’s called The Wardcliff Coil AKA “Dubious Volley”.

Exotic Rocket Launcher The Wardcliff Coil (Dubious Volley)

This Rocket Launcher fires a Volley of arc damage rockets that track their target & also reloads automatically on Heavy ammo pickup.

How to get The Wardcliff Coil Exotic? 
To get the Wardcliff Coil exotic you will have to complete an adventure and gain reputation.

Exotic Auto Rifle Hard Light

This exotic Auto rifle has the same base functions as the previous version with over penetration and ricochets off hard surfaces. But you can also change the Rifles base element between arc, solar & Void.

How to get the Hard light Exotic?
To get the hard light exotic Rifle you will need to complete a strike and open the chest.

Exotic Pulse Rifle Vigilance Wing

This weapon is a kinetic pulse rifle that fires 5 rounds burst, higher than the Destiny standard of 3 round burst. This weapon has an Osiris theme to it and based on its perk def fits the bill for some trials of Osiris play.

This weapon gives the shooter increased health generation when a teammate dies near by. Additionally, you get increased speed and improved weapon performance when you are the last member of your fireteam alive.

How to get the Vigilance Wing Exotic?
You will get this weapon from an activity surrounding Osiris and mercury.


List of Destiny 2 Exotic Armor:


  • Insurmountable Skullfort (Helmet) – Kills will Arc melee abilities trigger health regeneration and restore Melee energy.
  • Mask of the Quiet One (Helmet) – Grants ability energy when damaged, and health regeneration when inflicting Void damage.
  • Doom Fang Pauldron (Gauntlets) – Shield Bash melee kills recharge Shield Throw. Melee ability kills recharge Sentinel Shield Super.
  • Synthocepts (Gauntlets) – Increased melee lunge range. Improved damage when surrounded.
  • Actium War Rig (Chest) – Steadily reloads a portion of your equipped Auto Rifle’s magazine from reserves.
  • Crest of Alpha Lupi (Chest) – Generates an additional Orb of Light from Supers and a healing pulse when barricade is activated.
  • Hallowfire Heart (Chest) – Greatly improves the recharge rate of your Solar abilities while Hammer of Sol is charged.
  • Dunemarchers (Boots) – Increased Sprint speed. Sprinting builds up a static charge. After melee attacking an enemy, that charge will chain damage to nearby enemies.
  • Lion Rampant (Boots) – Provides additional aerial maneuverability.
  • Peacekeepers (Boots) – Reloads stowed Submachine Guns and allows you to ready them instantly.


  • Celestial Nighthawk (Helmet) – Modifies Golden Gun to fire a single, high damage shot. Victims killed by the shot explode.
  • Foetracer (Helmet) – Visually marks targeted enemies.
  • The Dragon’s Shadow (Chest) – Grants increased movement and weapon handling speed for a short time after Dodging.
  • Lucky Raspberry (Chest) – Increases the chaining capabilities of Arc Bolt Grenade and has a chance to recharge it each time it deals damage.
  • Raiden Flux (Chest) – Quick successive attacks with Arc Staff increase its damage output and duration.
  • Lucky Pants (Boots) – Increases Hand Cannon ready speed and initial accuracy.
  • Orpheus Rig (Boots) – Provides ability energy for each enemy tethered by Shadowshot anchors.
  • ST0MP-EE5 (Boots) – Increases sprint speed and slide distance. Improves jump.


  • Crown of Tempests (Helmet) – Arc ability kills increase the recharge rate of your Arc abilities.
  • Eye of another World (Helmet) – Highlights priority targets and improves the regeneration speed of your Grenade, Melee, and Rift abilities.
  • Nezarec’s Sin (Helmet) – Void damage kills grant ability energy.
  • Skull of Dire Ahamkara (Helmet) – Provides additional damage resistance during Nova Bomb. Nova Bomb kills grant Super energy.





How to get Experimental Parts for Exotic weapons

When you dismantle exotic weapons you will get experimental parts and you can also use them to upgrade your exotic weapons.
How to get Legendary Shards for Legendary weapons

You will get Legendary Shards from dismantling Legendary weapons and also rewards for reputation increases.



This rocket launcher is one of the most anticipated exotics because it was actually leaked more than a year ago in Destiny 1 but wasn’t added with the Taken king update. So now we get our first look at Dubious Volley with Game play footage and we can talk about a few perks.



The Wardcliff Coil (Dubious Volley) Gameplay footage:

This weapon fires a full targeting volley of arc based rockets that seek out targets. Additionally, with confirmed kills, the weapon adds ammo back to your inventory. From what we can see in the footage the weapon destroys pretty much totally destroys anything in your path! Can’t wait to use this baby during a night fall strike with arc damage.


Exotic Void Shotgun?

Up next we have an exotic that looks like the Gun from Portal and fires a void projectile. Seems like this might be a void shotgun with wide firing spread. Also, for ammo, it looks like the weapon takes print cartridges for ammo but hell ill take that for a spin!

Destiny 2 Exotic

Destiny 2 Void-shotgun-2


Exotic Auto Rifle Sweet Business 


This auto rifle looks and feels more like a heavy machine gun but handles so much smoother. To get the Sweet Business exotic auto rifle will def involve a quest or defeating a boss early on in the game.

Here are some of the Sweet Business perks

  • Payday (Intrinsic) – Larger magazine. Increased accuracy when firing from the hip. 
  • Business Time (Trait) – Holding the trigger boosts range and rate of fire. Automatically loads ammo pickups into the magazine. 
  • Composite Stock (Stock) – Dual purpose stock: Slightly increases stability and slightly increases handling speed.
  • High-Caliber Rounds (Magazine) – Shots knock the target back farther. Slight increases range. 
  • Polygonal Rifling (Barrel) – Barrel optimized for recoil reduction. Increases stability.


Exotic Hand cannon “Sunshot”

Destiny 2 Exotic Hand cannon sunshot

Destiny 2 Sunshot Exotic Hand cannon

The Sunshot is a destiny 2 exotic hand cannon with explosive rounds, target Highlighting & exploding targets.

How to get the sunshot exotic hand cannon in destiny 2.
You should be able to get the exotic sunshot during the first mission called homecoming.

Sunshot Perks:

  • Sunburn (Intrinsic) – Weapon fires explosive rounds and highlights targets that take damage from Sunshot. 
  • Chamber Compensator (Barrel) – Increases stability, improves recoil direction, and slightly decreases handling speed. 
  • Accurized Rounds (Magazine) – Increases range. 
  • Sun Blast (Trait) – Targets killed with Sunshot explode in Solar energy. 
  • Textured Grip (Grip) – Greatly increases handling speed and slightly decreases stability.


Exotic Submachine gun Riskrunner

This weapon has the arc conductor and reminds us of the supercell perk from the zero exotic from Destiny 1.

Destiny 2 Riskrunner Exotic Destiny 2 Riskrunner Exotic

How to get the Riskrunner Exotic Weapon in the Destiny 2

The Riskrunner is obtained by playing the Destiny 2 Beta Homecoming mission as a Warlock.  There should be other ways to obtain the Riskrunner in destiny 2 PVE mode as well.

Riskrunner perks

  • Arc Conductor (Intrinsic) – When taking Arc damage, the weapon becomes more powerful and resists incoming Arc damage. Kills extend time in this state. 
  • Arrowhead Brake (Barrel) – Lightly vented barrel: Greatly controls recoil and Increases handling speed. 
  • Extended Mag (Magazine) – Greatly increases magazine size and greatly decreases reload speed. 
  • Superconductor (Trait) – When Arc Conductor is active, shots fired have a chance to become chain lightning and return ammo. 
  • Short-Action Stock (Stock) – Greatly increases handling speed.


Exotic fusion rifle Coldheart

You can get the destiny 2 exotic fusion rifle when you preorder Destiny 2.



Destiny 2 Exotic Armor

Exotic Warlock armor with wings

Destiny 2 Exotic warlock armor


Here are a few Destiny 2 Exotics we don’t have names for yet but will have updates soon.


This badass looking Rat Gun !? Hopefully, they call it 3 blind mice or something to that effect. 

Destiny 2 Exotic pistol

Destiny 2 Exotic Shotgun

Destiny 2 Exotic sword / Katana & Long blades

Destiny 2 Leviathan Raid guide 
Destiny 2 Leviathan Raid gear
When will destiny 2 Leviathan Raid go live?
The Destiny 2 Leviathan raid should go live a week after release.

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