Destiny 2 Breaking news! From a super reliable source, we know the first Destiny 2 DLC will be called The Curse of Osiris. This will be one of the first times we will find out more about the mysterious Guardian known as Osiris. The Destiny 2 DLC will also come with a new social space & a new patrol area on mercury.

The first DLC for Destiny was The Dark Below in 2014 and a lot of fans were pretty bummed about the release and the content it came with. This time around Bungie is going to make sure the first DLC for Destiny 2 The curse of Osiris will be released in December.

If your not Familiar with Osiris he was one of the most powerful warlock guardians and a part of the Vanguard. He had an obsession with studying the vex and this didn’t sit well with the speaker and the rest of the vanguard. After he was dismissed from the vanguard because of his studies of the Vex Osiris went off into seclusion and his activities became a mystery. In the New DLC The Curse of Osiris we will actually be on a mission to Rescue or find Osiris who is lost in a Vex dimensional pocket or Captured.

Osiris had a large following and in the main social spaces, we would meet one of his disciples to participate in the PVP event “Trials of Osiris”. If you have never made it to the Light house after having a perfect record in the trials it was where the players would get to see a peak of the mercury home base of Osiris.  Of course, he never appeared but in the new Destiny 2 DLC the Light house on mercury will become a social space for guardians to gather and meet with new vendors on their way to patrol mercury.

Since Osiris had a strong relationship with “The Nine” I would bet a lot of the vendors on mercury will be Agents of the Nine like Xur.

What do you guys think about this update? Excited to finally get to face off in a massive campaign against the vex?

Destiny 2 Expansion The Curse of Osiris