In Destiny 2 there is a new social space known as “The Farm” and we are going to go over all of its secrets. The farm’s secrets can be discovered with a little hard work and tons of time but we know you guardians so we did the work for you with the help of some friends.

First off is the secret not so secret soccer (futbol) Field that’s located towards the edge of the farm. It’s discovered pretty quickly since you first see it in the during the opening game mission when you get your Jump ship.

There is a ball that will appear in the center of the field when it’s kicked out or if no one is playing. It’s pretty simple, score 3 goals and Red flares will fire out of the goal post with a massive blasting sound to go with it. … I thought we were hiding on the farm … lol

SOccer Field

Next, Exploring the top of the main communications house. If you want to make it to make it to the roof just jump from the rocks on the side of the house here (Green Arrow). On the roof you’ll see a few set ups for communications equipment. 
Some other Cool secrets of the farm are secret character buffs you get from doing activities to activate them. If you head over to the open fire pit area you’ll see that it will say “Requires Sentry ranks x4”, Well here is how you get Sentry ranks for in destiny 2. Also, we will talk about getting other Farm perks and buffs on your character.

How to get Scouting commander buff. Makes your player Glow blue

Climb up the front porch of the farm here:

Or you can get on the roof the way we described earlier.

Next, you go over to these wires and run across at half speed (Dont fall off).

Run across once and halfway across you’ll see “Sentry Ranks x2” if you are doing it right. Next, the game will tell you “Vertigo completed” and you’ll start to turn blue not you can turn back.

Once back on the roof you want to run across the cables that lead you to the cryptic building.


To get “sentry Ranks x4” at the farm you will need to next run across the wires and when you get on the roof of the building, jump on the water mill and you’ll see “Sentry ranks x4” appear.

Once you get Sentry Ranks x4 you will start to move even faster and jump even higher. You’ll also get a buff called “wheel boost”.

Now head over to the fire pit at the back of the map and hold “X” or “Square” to start the scouting patrol.

While on “Scouting Patrol” you’ll have to run to the beams of light that will appear around the map as fast as you can. Some of the points will appear on the rooftops but since you can now jump as high as some of these buildings you’ll have no worries getting there.

When you are finished the last point should appear on the Pier. Go there to finish the patrol and get the “Scouting commander buff” This stays active as long as you don’t die or leave the farm.

You’ll be able to run faster jump higher and have a little fun around the Farm.

Here is a Video on getting the “Sentry Ranks x4” and the “Scouting commander buff”.

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