The Destiny 2 Leviathan Raid is here! So get your fire team ready and check our Raid guide and walkthrough. Defy the Cabal emperor in the Leviathan Raid!


Here is our Destiny 2 Raid guide:

The raid will Launch as a new milestone added to your director. You’ll see the Leviathan city from the concept art previously announced in orbit above nessus. 

Once you launch activity it will take you to a cut scene launching you into the raid front door Literally. There you will be welcomed by the voice of Emperor Calus and a small band of his loyalist Honor guard who will line up to welcome you.

After the initial drop you can take out the passive guards and get some ammo drops or make your way to the top of the castellum via boosters or climbing. The whole place has a very high tech Roman empire / Vatican feel to it, with Cabel imagery and motifs live the collector’s edition box.

When you get to the castellum you’ll be confronted by legion of hostile enemies who will enter from all sides.

As you explore the castellum you’ll notice transparent symbols all around. Also, there will be one imparticular Cabal called a “Standard Bearer” with yellow meter health. Once you take him out you’ll get a giant Gold key that you can take up to the top large central door.  You’ll place the key into one of the 3 place holders and it will start to glow and give you a Force of will buff.

Next, you’ll see text appear saying a councilor has appeared with a few standard liberators with yellow meter health. They will try and remove the key and they will be immune to your attacks until they take the key. But that will also eliminate the force of will buff.

Find another Standard Bearer and replace the key and they look for another.

After you add all of the keys you’ll be able to get the first Destiny 2 Raid Loot chest. In this Raid loot chest, you’ll find a Calus shader, a Legendary engram and something called an Emperor Calus token.





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