Here is our quest guide on how to get the Rat King Exotic sidearm. The quest guide will walk you through the steps you need to take to acquire this awesome weapon. Please note this questline does not go into effect until after you complete the main storyline of the game.

Each step will require you to solve a riddle and then do what the riddle says in order to move on to the next step.

To get the quest in the first place you need to complete “ENEMY OF MY ENEMY” Quest on titan.

Let’s walk through the riddles.


“The Rat King’s Crew

Runs to and for

Good girls and boys

Know where to go

Pick up your toys and darn your sock

On errands of woe, on errands we walk”

This step means you need to find other players with the Rat King’s Crew quest and do 3 Patrol missions. You need to do this with a fire team of at least 2, so basically you need one other player to complete the quest with you. 


Next step / Riddle:


“The Rat King’s Crew

Goes arm in arm

To fight as one

To do no harm

So have your fun and run outside

Rally the flag and we’ll never die”

For this part of the Rat King’s Quest, you will need to complete two public events with your fireteam. 



“The Rat King’s Crew

Goes four and four

With good good fights

They learn to score

Then three as one they stand upright

Return from past the wall and wanting more.”

During this step, you will need to enter the crucible and WIN two matches with your fire team.


“The Rat King’s Crew

Stands three as one

They see Night’s fall

And fear it none

But watch the clock as you scale the wall

Lest five remain hope comes for none”

This step will be a little different because you will have to complete a nightfall strike with 5m left on the game clock. 

After you complete this step you will need to talk to Zavala to unlock nightfall strikes. Nightfalls now have a timer built in so beat the hard enemies first to reduce your time.

Once you finish the nightfall strike with all of your fire team members you will get the Rat King Exotic Weapon.



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