One of the key parts of the Gjallarhorn Quest is finding all of the 7 Medallion locations in the plaguelands. In this post we will list out the locations and how to find the Medallions exactly where are during the “Echoes of the Past” Quest.

The first Medallion is located at Felwinters peaks up on the mountain above the social area. It’s pretty difficult to get to the first try so just make sure you find your way up Jump by Jump. 



The next location will be right when you land at the plaguelands for Patrol go into this building to find a Medallion. 



The Medallion located at Giants Husk will be to the right hidden in the creates after you climb the overpass.



After you get the Giants husk Medallion you should head to Archons Keep. Go until the split before the Forgotten Pass and towards the Archon Forge and it will be here.



Next Head for The Forgotten pass, head towards the end of the bridge and it’s on the ground.



Now you want to head to the Bunker and you’ll find the Medallion here. 



Site 6 From Archons Keep head towards the forge and keep going into the warrens, you’ll be in a tight area and once you come out move forward while fighting fallen and it’ll be to the left.


Here is a great video as well that helps show how to get the Medallions in the plaguelands as well. 

Rise of iron plaguelands map

Click to see large map of the plaguelands

Click to see large map of the plaguelands


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