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When is Destiny Rise of Iron going live?

Destiny Rise of Iron will go live at 2am PST And 5am EST during the normal reset on Sept 20th, 2016.

What is Owl Sector and how will it tie into Destiny: Rise of Iron?

Owl sector is an organization task with the Quarantine of the tech virus infecting guardians.

How do I get the Nemesis Star Exotic Machine Gun?

How do I get the Exotic Khvostov auto rifle?

How do I get the Iron Gjallarhorn in black?

To get the Black Gjallarhorn Rocket Launcher you have to pre-order the Destiny Rise of Iron update before the game launches on Sept 20th.

How to get The Trespasser Exotic sidearm.

The best way so far to get the exotic sidearm “Trespasser” is to drop 1 Three of Coins per crucible match that rewards legendary marks. We have tried this way with 4 different accounts and 9 characters and after about 8 matches the sidearm should drop Pre Rise of Iron.