Check out this info on the new exotic sword from Rise of Iron called The Young Wolfs Howl. The exotic sword will be rewarded to users who complete the Rise of Iron campaign, quest or the Wrath of the Machine raid.

Here are some stats and more details below about the Young Wolfs Howl Exotic Sword.


Young Wolfs Howl Gilmore:
This is more than a weapon.

Forged by Lord Saladin within the hallowed halls of the Iron Temple, this sword was intended for you, and none other.

When you wield it, its burning flames represent the bright light of your valor — and the all-consuming sacrifice that you have promised to make, should you be called to it.

Take up this blade, and teach your enemies to fear the Young Wolf’s Howl.


Primary Perks

Solar Edge

This weapon deals Solar damage.

Sword Strike

Use to attack with the sword.

Solar-Forged Guard

Use to guard. Effective against Arc and Void attacks, less effective against Solar attacks.

Tempered Light

Increased Armor when wielding the sword.

Howling Flames

Use to unleash a fiery Solar eruption that weakens enemies and deals damage over time.


Consume a more powerful Weapon to boost the Attack value of this Weapon.

Destiny Rise of Iron Exotic Sword The Young Wolfs Howl