Destiny Rise of Iron came with a new area for players to explore but it kinda lacks something important …  A MAP! For all you guardians getting lost trying to find your way around way here is a Plaguelands Map to help you find your way.

Here are the Major Areas on the Map:

Lords Watch
Foundry 113
Giant’s Husk (Giant’s Husk [Locked Area] requires Splicer key)
Doomed Sea
Bunker Triglav (SIVA Battery [Locked Area] requires Splicer key)
Forgotten Pass
The Archon’s Keep
Archon’s Forge
The Warrens
Site 6 (Site 6 SIVA Bunker [Locked Area] requires Splicer key)


Click to see large map of the plaguelands

Click to see large map of the plaguelands

In addition the basic map highlights routes to make it easy to get from one area to the next.


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