With the latest Destiny expansion, Rise of Iron fast approaching, keen fans of the game have been gleaning any information they can about what to expect when it goes on sale on 20 September 2016. The Destiny franchise, developed by Bungie and produced by Activision, has become increasingly popular since its initial release in 2014.Here is what we know about the Rise of Iron expansion so far.

Destiny Rise of Iron Story
Rise of Iron puts Lord Saladin along with the other Iron Lords on the frontline as they look to take on a newly-formed threat, the Devil Splicers. The Devil Splicers are the work of the Fallen House of Devils who have uncovered the computer virus, SIVA, and have harnessed its biology to create a new existential threat.

SIVA is referred to as the “Iron’s Bane” and for good reason – it is not a new threat for the Iron Lords. In a previous era, the Lords were required to banish the threat of SIVA.

The expansion pack features a variety of new storylines, missions and quests for players to attempt as they take up the role of the Iron Lords. Gamers will also be introduced a new area known as The Plaguelands which is located in Old Russia. The area was previously inaccessible as it has been shut off for centuries.


The Rise of Iron story is set some distance into the future. Players will realize this when they step back to the Cosmodrome which has changed drastically.

Destiny Executive Producer, Scott Taylor, commented, “There’s a lot of content. We actually think that the storyline and the new space are sweet, and the aesthetic of the place — it’s going to be a great jumping on place for new fans.”

Destiny Rise of Iron Weapons and Armor
Destiny addicts will be delighted to know that the famous Iron Gjallarhorn is taking center stage in Rise of Iron. The extremely powerful rocket launcher has become a fan favorite thanks to its abiliti. All players will be able to obtain a Gjallarhorn. Those who pre-order the game receive one automatically, while others can acquire the weapon by completing a quest.


While there is much excitement about the Gjallarhorn’s return to prominence, there are signals that the weapon isn’t going to be quite as dominant as it once was, with Bungie doing their best to balance out the strength of the weapons. That said the Gjallarhorn boasts an impressive blast radius of 76 along with an unprecedented velocity of 90. A reload speed of 68 is admirable, however the rate of fire is only 11 – but given this is a rocket launcher, it perhaps will not matter too much.

Where the Gjallarhorn really excels is with its perks. Wolfpack rounds allows the Gjallarhorn to wreak havoc on an immense scale. The first explosion of the rocket launcher will be devastating, but the smaller projectiles which will then follow up are also capable of causing huge destruction.

In short, don’t expect the Gjallarhorn to be quite as overpowering as it once was, but it’s still a mighty effective weapon that will be a great feature of Rise of Iron.
Taylor, keen to stress that the fans’ connection to the game was essential, added, “We have some great quests to get to this weapon. We’re excited to have that connection between players and their weapon.”

The Destiny Rise of Iron armor looks aesthetically impressive in Rise of Iron, and while we don’t know too much about it, Activision has published photos of the warlock armor, hunting armor and titan armor which has given us a few pointers. The titan armor looks to have a real SIVA feel about it while the warlock armor definitely looks to be inspired from the Iron Banner.

Destiny Rise of Iron armor -titan
Destiny Rise of Iron armor-hunter
Destiny Rise of Iron armor-titan-siva

Destiny Rise of Iron Raid
This expansion comes with a new raid. Developers have been tight-lipped about what’s coming, but have revealed a few clues. The raid will be concentrated on the Devil Splicers, and players will need to form their own fireteams – no matchmaking in Rise of Iron! It’s a bit gutting for individual players, but due to the complexity of the raid, Bungie thought it wise not to assign random players together.

Expect to hear more about the raid as the game gets closer to release.

Destiny Rise of Iron Raid Gear

Pre-Order Destiny Rise of Iron
Those looking to pre-order the expansion can do so on the game’s official site or via the PlayStation Store or Xbox Store. Those who pre-order the game automatically receive a black Iron Gjallarhorn – this special edition Gjallarhorn only has aesthetic differences, and comes with the same stats as the other Gjallarhorns.

The expansion will cost $30, which is $10 more than the previous expansion, The Taken King, yet $10 cheaper than previous expansions of the game have cost. Those hoping to play Rise of Iron will need to have the original Destiny game along with The Taken King to do so.


Destiny Rise of Iron Release date

Rise of Iron’s release date is Sept 20th, 2016 and will go live at 2am PST or 5am EST.


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