Recently during the Bungie court of Oryx reveal we learned that guardians will need to collect runes in order to activate a public court of Oryx event. During the live stream we learned about two of these runes, the ” Stolen Rune” & the “Reciprocal rune”. These were runes that were used to activate different levels of the Court of Oryx.

Additionally, During the start of the stream a taken wizard was killed and we saw the guardian get awarded a “agonarch rune”. We are not sure exactly what the agonarch rune is for but its a legendary item and gives the guardians a bounty like quest.  The Bounty reads “Hunt down the Hidden Taken Threats”, this reads and feels like the old patrol mission beacons from around the system.  This will be in addition to beacons that will be place around the dreadnaught with missions from the tower that will included Eris Mor.

Below is a list of the Taken king Runes and what we know about them.

The Reciprocal Rune – Used to activate the 1st Tier of the Court of Oryx and summon one boss (Lieutenant)


The Stolen Rune – Used to activate the 2nd Tier of the Court of Oryx and summon two bosses (Lieutenants)



The Agonarch Rune – Used in a similar fashion to the patrol beacons on earth or the moon.  When a guardian picks one up they are activating a small quest or bounty with unknown rewards.



Destiny Taken King – What are Runes? & How they are used