The Taken King 2.0 update is here and all Destiny players get a preview of the new features and updates to the game. And with that release comes details of the Taken King Raid “King’s fall” and also the new exclusive LEVEL 42! Raid gear. Some people have complained about the Destiny Taken King update taking forever to install, but when it finally starts the anger turns to tears of Joy. Below we wanted to outline some of the newest Raid Gear discovered on the destiny website and also a few Reddit post here and there. Additionally, some details about hte Raid Mechanics and loot challenges.

The Level for the Kings fall Raid Hard mode appears to be level 42! This means that the Initial normal mode may fall in around level 35 or higher.  There was a lot of speculation that there would be an appearance or reanimation of Crota during the Kings Fall raid. Checking out the screen Grab below we can see a few of the challenges that Guardians will have to make it through before being worthy of taking on Oryx.  The Modifiers and challenges are the heroic challenge, Golgoroth challenge, Oryx Challenge and a Warpriest Challenge. During the Kings fall trailer we got a glimpse of a new boss and it may involve one of these challenges.


Also, Once the Destiny 2.0 update was complete we got a great preview of the Agonarch Karve Raid ship that looks pretty badass. How to get the Agonarch Karve will be an entirely other blog post. Use our Destiny team finder and get your fireteam ready to get the cool gear below and this Raid ship.

Below are some details about the newest Raid gear for the King’s Fall raid. What you will notice as pointed out by Ben826 on Reddit, each pieces qoute reveals some details about the mechanics of the Raid.

Kings fall Raid Gear:


War Numen’s Crown (Helmet)


Show them you can contain multitudes, and your interiority will spawn nightmares.

Harrowed War Numen’s Crown (Harrowed Helmet)



War Numen’s Chest (Chest)

Death is the game, and the game is always death.

Harrowed War Numen’s Chest



War Numen’s Fist (Gauntlets)


The start is always the same. Enter his court, and call him out. (This means there is a possible Rune that will be needed to summon Oryx)


Harrowed War Numen’s Fist (Harrowed Gauntlets)

Harrowed War Numen's Fist (Harrowed Gauntlets)

War Numen’s Boots Leg Armor

War Numen's Boots Leg Armor




Speak, and the Darkness obeys. Command, and the song turns upon itself.

Harrowed War Numen’s Boots Leg Armor

Harrowed War Numen's Boots Leg Armor



Now for the Hunter’s Kings fall Raid gear

Darkhollow Mask Helmet

Darkhollow Mask Helmet




“The Dreadnaught is a blighted hollow gouged into our Universe.” —Eris Morn

Harrowed Darkhollow Mask Helmet


Darkhollow Chiton Chest Armor

Darkhollow Chiton Chest Armor




“Heartless and cruel is their realm—but in some ways more malleable than your own.” —Eris Morn


Darkhollow Grasps Gauntlets

Darkhollow Grasps Gauntlets




“All the vastness of our universe is but a blank page on which they scrawl their words of hate and death.” —Eris Morn

Started to skip over the Harrowed versions of the armor but the can be found in full gallery below.

Darkhollow Treads Leg Armor

Darkhollow Treads Leg Armor




“Even now, the Daughters of Oryx weave black words of blight to bind his realm to ours.” —Eris Morn

And Now last but not least the Warlocks’s King’s Fall Raid Gear:


Mouth of Ur Helmet

Mouth of Ur Helmet




For the more Light the worms consume, the hungrier they become.


Chasm of Yuul Chest Armor

Chasm of Yuul Chest Armor




A clew of writhing things there was also, on that cusp between Light and Darkness.

Grasp of Eir Gauntlets

Grasp of Eir Gauntlets




At the beginning, they stood in thrall of the Formless One, and they offered themselves to its depth.

Path of Xol Leg Armor

Path of Xol Leg Armor




Bound together, their power knows no limit, save their thirst for more.


Be on the look out for Kings Fall Raid Weapons coming soon.


More Taken King Raid Gear & Weapons coming soon.


Source: Destiny Database

Destiny Taken King’s Raid “King’s Fall” Raid gear & Details revealed!