Following the releases of popular expansion campaigns “The Dark Below” and “House of Wolves,” “The Taken King” a third brand new expansion campaign is coming soon to the award-winning video game “Destiny.” This new expansion campaign is scheduled to be released to the general public on September 15, 2015, almost exactly one year to the day that “Destiny” itself was released to the public. This new campaign picks up after the events of “The Dark Below,” & “House of Wolves.”


Following the destruction of Crota, players of “Destiny” will now have to contend with Oryx, Crota’s father, who is seeking revenge against the guardians responsible for the death of his son.  The trailer for “The Taken King” reveals Oryx to be similar to that of a Knight, complete with wings and a head that is similar to a hammerhead shark. Oryx also commands a ship known as the Dreadnaught. Oryx Commands the army of  ‘The Taken’ an army that combines all the enemies of the Destiny Universe Under one Banner, controlled mind and Boy by the King Oryx. The Taken Army has Vex, Cabal, Fallen and even it seems some Guardians fighting in the name of Oryx.

Players will be able to play through many new and exciting missions, culminating in a final battle against Oryx himself. This battle will take place as part of an as-yet-unnamed raid mission. Check out the Extended Look from Bungie where we see exactly how the campaign starts off and we learn more about Oryx and the fight to come.


Battle Oryx and his dark army in Destiny: The Taken King on 9/15. New campaign, new subclasses, new areas to explore, and more.

Posted by Destiny on Tuesday, June 16, 2015

In addition, the trailer also reveals that PlayStation 4 players of “Destiny” will receive access to an exclusive mission as well as exclusive gear for their guardian. It has also been announced that Bungie (the developers of “Destiny”) will offer some excellent incentives to longtime players who have either purchased both “House of Wolves” and “The Dark Below” expansion packs or have leveled up at least one of their characters to level 30 or above no later than August 31st. Furthermore, if players purchase the “The Taken King” DLC no later than February 1, 2016 will receive the following:


*New Sparrow

*New armor shader

*An exclusive commemorative “Founder’s Fortune” Year 1 emblem

“The Taken King” will also introduce three new subclasses for guardians, along with new unique super abilities as well. For instance, Warlocks will gain the “Stormcaller” subclass, which offers the ability to summon an electrical storm that will completely devastate any enemies caught in its crosshairs. Meanwhile, Hunters will attain the “Nightstalker” subclass, which allows them to become able to carve a bow made completely out of gravitational void energy, while Titans will obtain the “Sunbreaker” subclass, meaning that they will have the power to summon a flaming hammer that can destroy their enemies in one of two ways: either with a massive melee attack or from a distance.


New strikes will be added to “Destiny” as well thanks to this new DLC campaign, which will enable players to discover brand new and more powerful Exotic weapons and gear. In addition, there will also be new areas to explore in the ever-challenging “Crucible” area of the game as well, where players can venture to to take part in activities such as capturing zones and taking out other players from around the world in an effort to earn points and other items such as experience and gear for their guardian.


The “Destiny: The Taken King” DLC will cost approximately $39.99. In addition, a digital and physical version of “Destiny” along with all three expansion packs will also be released for a suggested retail price of $59.99 for the “Legendary Edition” version and $79.99 for the collector’s edition. While the latter versions will contain the aforementioned material, the collector’s edition will also contain other exclusive content such as the following:


*A special collector’s edition box

*A steelbook case

*A modified version of “Treasure Island” from the “Destiny” universe that comes with an introductory letter from Cayde-6

*Personal illustrations and notes from Cayde-6

*A various collection of artifacts and relics

*A special early-access weapons pack

*Physical replica of a Strange Coin


Digital content for “The Taken King” will include the following:

*Three separate emotes that are class-specific

*Three different Exotic-class items that come with XP bonuses

*Three different armor shaders


Both of these editions are currently available for pre-order from various retailers, and they can also be pre-ordered through the official “Destiny” website. These versions, as well as the “The Taken King” DLC itself, are available for the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4 gaming and entertainment consoles.


While these specific details were recently revealed at the 2015 E3 gaming conference, even more details regarding the “Destiny: The Taken King” DLC are expected to soon be announced by Bungie at a later date.

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