The Riser of Iron Destiny RAID is here and we have put together a guide to help you and your raid party get past all bosses. Also, we have listed out the mechanics to help you get past each level of the Wrath of the Machine Raid.

LIVE UPDATING (refresh [F5] to see updates)

The recommended light level for the Wrath of the Machine Raid is 370 or higher.

Remember as you go through the raid and acquire Wrath of the Machine raid gear.

Defeating Vosik, The Archpriest

Defeat the Voltage ___ to make them avoid taking charges from the Siva Charges. Once the Siva charges are charged grab them and throw them at Vosik. This will Lower his shield, next use DPS to kick his ass.

Wrath of the Machine Jumping Puzzle round 1

Vosik, The Archpriest 2nd Round

During the 2nd round with Siva charges they will fall from the ceiling. Wait until they are charged up and glowing red and coordinate with your other guardians to pick them up, wait till all are charged and throw at the same time. The total damage will be amplified depending on the timing and Light level.

Be aware that you’ll have a limited time to defeat him before he rages and all the monitors kill you and your.

Additionally, once he rages you can get to one of the rooms behind you and to the left and right. Shoot the lock to close the room off and protect you and your team from the damage.

Wrath of the Machine Jumping Puzzle round 2

Getting passed the Siege Engine on the wall

The siege wall will come towards you destroy the main weapon in the middle and it will stop. Ride the Engine until you see a ship in the distance it will drop a lot of ADS and after it leaves it will drop relic that can be used to reactivate the siege engine.

Engine block relic

Drive shaft relic

Warhead relic

Place the Parts inside the glowing exposed areas to reactivate the engine.

Next, you will arrive at the edge of the wall .. JUMP Sukka! lol 

There will be a chest when you land after jumping off the wall. Additionally, you will get the sound and fury rocket launcher.

Now the SIVA SOURCE Room … its beautiful and deadly (Perfection Complex) Aksis, Archon Prime

There will be scorch captains &  servitors steal the cannons from the captains and use them to destroy the servitors, match the scorch cannon to scorch servitor, Null cannon to Null (void) servitor & Arc cannon to Arc servitor and so on.

3 teammates pick up cannons after they destroy the servitors the other 3 teammates pick up the bombs. Cannon welders can’t pick up bombs because of a charge lock out.

After they die they will drop Siva bombs, launch them at the panels that come up after the servitors are destroyed in front of half-Fallen half SIVA boss in the middle of the room. There will be two panels to his left and right and one below him in the middle.

There will be a few rounds of this, and the amount of panels and the servitors will increase.

Suggested Bathroom break … ??

Aksis, Archon Prime (Spider Legs)

Next Aksis, Archon Prime will return after you shoot him to revive him.

He will spawn and combine with some spider type legs. He will also be equipped with a large SIVA Cannon.

Now there will be a random empowerment to 3 players of your team who can do the most damage with the bombs. The players who are empowered need to get on Aksis  when he teleports off his platform and dunk the bombs on his back. The other players will destroy the him with the cannons, aim for his critical area which is his head. At this point switch to sniper and headshot critical.

There will be pillars (4) behind you that will protect you from his rage you whole team needs to use the platforms all at one time to not waste them because they dont refresh. They will be essential in helping your team for the next round of scorch captains and servitors.

after about 4 – 5 rounds when Aksis is at critical damage he will telepaort to the middle platform. Once there give him everything you got to take him down.




Destiny Wrath of the Machine Raid Guide