Missed the Big press conferences from Microsoft, Sony & EA? Dont worry we have you covered with some Highlights of the biggest moments. 

Here are our top moments from E3 and all the Geekasms that caused trending topics all over the net. (I promise no more dirty talk lol) 


Microsoft E3 Press Conference


 1) The Release of Halo 5: Guardians – HALO is one of the most popular games of all time and anyone who owns an Xbox is accustomed to the earth shaking that comes with a new Halo Announcement. In addition, this is supposed to be the best version of all of the games, allowing for the ultimate experience in the Futuristic Halo Universe. As such, it is huge news for fans of the franchise as well as for those individuals who have somehow managed to get by this long without playing it. Everyone is excited about this game and they should be. Halo 5 Guardians will be the resurrection of our obsession with finding out more about Halo’s Main character Master chief and his mysterious past and present. Is he a Traitor or hero, the game will take us on a different journey thats just not battling aliens but survival against his own kind as well.


2) Backwards compatibility! Finally the  Xbox One Allows Xbox 360 games to be played on the new generation system. Lot of people never adopted the Xbox One as their main platform because the mass collection of xbox 360 games they had would be useless. The problem was people that had purchased an Xbox One had amassed a huge number of xbox 360 titles and had to buy a brand new system and start all over again. Fortunately, Microsoft has fixed this problem by including special adaptations to the Xbox One system which now allows the two to be compatible and fully interchangeable. This opens a whole new world for individuals who have debated purchasing an Xbox one.


3) Virtual Reality  Who doesn’t love virtual reality? It brings an entirely new dimension to playing any game and when it is done right, it literally makes you feel like you can immerse yourself into a whole new world that has nothing to do with the world that you actually live in. This can be a huge release for anyone. Fortunately, Microsoft has announced that they will release a new HaloLens for their Minecraft game, taking things up several notches and making the game even more intense than it already is. During the press conference Microsoft demonstrated the headset in action and used a special Camera to replicate what the viewer sees during gameplay. Taking the gameplay from a blank wall to a 3-dimensional table set up featuring an interactive Minecraft world. 


Microsoft was not the only company that was making waves. 


 EA, a company that is well known for its epic action games as well as sports related games, also has some exciting news.


1) Star Wars: Battlefront Everyone is excited about anything and everything related to the Star Wars franchise, but this game is so good that it is fully capable of standing on its own merit. It will be officially released on November 17 and it will be available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. The game does not disappoint, and comes complete with epic battles as well as a fully developed story line that will make it a favorite for Star Wars fans and casual gaming fans alike.


2) NBA Live 16 There are plenty of sports games out there, but this one is different from anything else that is available on the market. It features an application that actually scans your face and then makes a 3D likeness of you that becomes the central character of the game. If you have always dreamed of being a top notch NBA player, yet you are not possessed with the height or the physical prowess to do so, you can finally live out your dreams through this game.


3) Need for Speed This is an update to a game that has had a long history of popularity for the company. This particular update will be released on November 3 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. The thing that makes it truly excellent is that it is a customizable version of the franchise, allowing you to make more decisions about everything that goes on in the game. It makes it all feel more realistic and allows you to have greater control over the end result.



Bethesda, certainly provided some excitement, not the least of which are the following four announcements.


1) Fallout 4 While this is a revised version of previous games in the franchise, it contains a lot of updated graphics that make this post-apocalypse game even more appealing. Without a doubt, anyone that has played the games and enjoyed them in the past will really enjoy this one and there is every chance that the release of this particular game will create a whole new set of fans that never played the previous versions before.


2) Doom This is a game that is also an update to a previously successful version. It is said to be released in the spring and it is just as gory as any previous version could ever hope to be. Furthermore, it incorporates a multiplayer ability and brand new graphics to make it even more interesting and more realistic. In other words, it provides a promise to be even more gory than previous editions.


3) Fallout for Mobile Devices This is a great option for Fallout fans, as previous games have not been available on any mobile devices whatsoever. This particular version is called Fallout Shelter. Essentially, your role in the game is to operate a shelter in a post apocalyptic world and keep the people that are staying there happy and healthy. You also have to figure out how to survive in the long term and how to create new life from the individuals that are left at the shelter.


4) Dishonored 2 This is a popular sequel to the previous game, but it has one major difference. In an innovative attempt to bring new life to the game, it actually allows players to switch back and forth between two completely different characters. This is not something that many games will allow, and it definitely adds a new dimension to everything. In addition, it is just plain fun to play two completely different characters at essentially the same time. Grand Theft Auto V Fans have had great fun with the ability to control 3 characters at any given moment during gameplay. 



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E3 – Big Announcements from Microsoft, Sony & EA Top Geekgasm Moments!