This weekend the cast of “Future Man” was at New York Comic Con, and Eliza Coupe (“Tiger”) helped break the show down for all the ’90s kids. We asked her about the

“Keeping with the metaphor, this is just a remake of Waterworld,” Coupe said, invoking the cult classic Kevin Costner film.

And after getting to preview season two, that’s actually not that bad of a description. We finally head forward in time to see what 2162 looks like, and get a taste of the world of Tiger and Wolf. There’s no Corey Hart in sight, but a weird, impoverished group of humans, doing anything to survive. Anything.

We get to see Wolf’s talents as an artisan, and the — well, interesting — effects of the team’s efforts to stop the Biotics from existing.


Of course, it wouldn’t be Future Man (or a reason for season two) if there weren’t a few hiccups along the way. And by hiccups, we mean absolute chaos on the timeline — and for the team. Not all of society has gone down the rat hole, but it’s a weird division — one Tiger has to navigate solo above ground, while Wolf readjusts below.

Here’s a bit of a spoiler, but one to get you excited: Stu makes his way to the future, waiting for the team — especially Tiger.

Coupe gets to play several versions of her character, each more outrageous. But how she and her “dear, sweet Wolfy” will ever make amends — well that’s for Future Man to tell you. So get ready for the newest season, and let us know your favorite thing about 2162.

Future Man season 2 drops on Hulu Jan. 11, 2019.

Eliza Coupe: “Future Man” Season 2 Is “Waterworld”