The CW’s Crisis on Infinite Earths returns this week, and you may be wondering just what the hell is going on in DC’s TV (and movie!) multiverse. Well, set your DVRs and get on these 13 episodes (plus three optional episodes) to get a fuller view of what Crisis is and how serious it is for the Arrowverse.

The Flash

“Pilot” (S01E01)

This episode introduces Barry Allen and how he got his powers, but more importantly it shows Thawne’s future newspaper teasing a “crisis.”


“World’s Finest” (S01E18)

The first crossover between shows set on different Earths (the Arrowverse’s Earth-1 & Supergirl’s Earth-38). After this, you know travel between Earths is possible. There are more episodes introducing other Arrowverse characters to Supergirl, but this is the most important.

The Flash

“Paradox”* (S03E02)

This one can be considered optional. It shows how Flashpoint changed Diggle & Lyla’s child from Sara to J.J. (and shows you how Barry’s actions can change the Earth-1 reality).

The Flash/Arrow/Supergirl

“Elseworlds, Pts. 1-3” (S05E09/S07E09/S04E09)

This episode covers a lot of ground firming up how Green Arrow, Flash, Supergirl, Superman, and Batwoman all know each other. It also introduces us to The Monitor (Mar Novu) and his meddlings in the multiverse. A must-see to fully understand Crisis.

Supergirl/Arrow/The Flash/Legends of Tomorrow

“Crisis on Earth X, Pts. 1-4” (S03E08/S06E08/S04E08/S03E08)

This one could be considered by some to be an optional episode, but it really lays the groundwork for this year’s Crisis. The heroes go to Earth-X to fight Nazis, like in any good Indiana Jones movie.


“You Have Saved This City”* (S07E22)

This episode is optional, with the tie-in being The Monitor’s reveal to Oliver that he won’t survive the coming Crisis.

The Flash

“Into the Void”* (S06E01)

Another optional episode, with The Monitor giving Barry much the same message he gave Oliver (and that we’ve inferred from the Time Vault’s newspaper) — Flash doesn’t survive the Crisis.


“Starling City” (S08E01)

Green Arrow is sent to Earth-2 to complete a mission for The Monitor, and we see the antimatter wave destroy another universe, and Crisis is essentially off to the races.

Supergirl/Batwoman/The Flash

“Crisis on Infinite Earths, Pts. 1-3” (S0509/S01E09/S06E09)

You’ve made it to the first part of Crisis on Infinite Earths! Watch these three, then move on to the end of this most recent crossover to find out what the fallout is for our heroes.

Everything You Need to Watch Before “Crisis” Wraps Up