Labor Day has come and gone, and sweater weather is once again upon us. For some of us, fall means New York Comic Con, and for others, fall means new fashion hitting runways and closets worldwide. And then there are the few for whom fall signifies both…this article is for you. As new fall fashion hits the virtual shelves of some of our favorite retail websites, we’ve rounded up the latest and greatest that’ll have you geeking out in style.

Her Universe

HerUniverse_Tardis HerUniverse_Zombie


VanGogh Exploding Tardis Shirt, $25.00

Daddy’s Little Girl Tee, $28.00

We Love Fine

WeLoveFine_Miku WeLoveFine_Vader


I Am Miku Tunic Tank, $29.00

Dark Side Vader Seater, $35.00

Black Milk Clothing

BlackMilk_FirstContact BlackMilk_MassEffect

First Contact Sucks Swimsuit, $89.98

Tali’Zorah Vas Normandy Dress, $85.48

Insert Coin Clothing

Sonic Speed Leggings, $42.00

Assassin’s Creed Leggings, $42.00

Junk Food Clothing

JunkFood_StarWars JunkFood_Batman

Star Wars Long Sleeve Pocket Tee, $45.00

Batman Prep School Pullover, $60.00

We’ll continue to keep you updated as your favorite fictional characters hit the racks this season. Happy shopping!

Fall Wardrobe Overhaul: Just in from Her Universe, We Love Fine, and more!