Leave it to the director of the upcoming Batman vs. Superman to excite fans with a teaser of the new Batmobile.

Today, a little after noon, Zack Snyder tweeted the following:

Only part of the vehicle is pictured, with the rest under a tarp. Early online reactions compare the “classic” design to the Batman Forever Batmobile, but the large rear wheels suggest more of a Batman: The Motion Picture silhouette. One thing is for sure: Snyder’s Batmobile is definitely nothing like Christopher Nolan’s Tumbler in the Dark Knight trilogy.

Either way, fans could have very little time to speculate: Snyder suggests that the big reveal of Ben Affleck’s new ride will occur sooner rather than later. We’ll keep an eye on the news as it develops, so stay tuned!

FIRST LOOK: Zack Snyder Teases The New Batmobile!