With the whole world anxious to see Ben Affleck return to the role of Batman in his own solo film, following the outstanding reception to his performance in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, the actor has revealed that he will not be pulling double duty. The surprise announcement has spread like wildfire throughout the web, with every opinion ranging from full on reboot of the DC Extended Universe to the actor’s stepping down as a result of Live By Night’s failure. Regardless, The Batman is slated to hit theaters in 2018, with Jeremy Irons, J.K. Simmons, and Joe Mangangiello co-starring as Alfred Pennyworth, Jim Gordon, and Deathstroke, respectively. Below are five choices of filmmakers that could take on the role of director of the highly anticipated superhero film.

Chris McKay

Known for his work as an animator, and director, within the “Robot Chicken” franchise, Chris McKay is helming his fist big budget film with the upcoming The Lego Batman Movie. While fans are certainly excited to see the Caped Crusader return as master builder, McKay has his sights on joining the expanding world of the DCEU. Recently, the director revealed his interest in joining the universe in hopes of taking on a hero in live action saying, “It’s a long shot but I’d like to be a part of it somehow.” With some experience in telling a Batman story, no matter how satirical, McKay could make his debut filling in for Affleck.

Kevin Smith

Smith has been building up his filmography with gigs for “The Flash,” and “Supergirl,” as of late and since he’s moved beyond the streets of New Jersey, now would be the perfect time to step in and really raise his price. The avid comic book fanatic has previously collaborated with Affleck on several occasions and even appeared alongside the actor in 2003’s Daredevil. With Affleck in search of a director to assist in bringing his vision to life, Smith would be an excellent choice, and who better than a purist. After all, the man did name his daughter after Harley Quinn.

Cary Joji Fukunaga

His work on HBO’s “True Detective” is enough of a sell for any film. Stylistically, he’s unlike any filmmaker working today and his ability to depict frenetic energy is remarkable. His work on Beats of No Nation continued to show his skill as someone who understands the process of storytelling and character development, which is perfect if taking on a seasoned Batman.

Mel Gibson


Much like Affleck, Mel Gibson can be a force both behind and ahead of the camera. While The Batman isn’t the normal type of film he’d direct (Braveheart, The Passion of the Christ), Gibson hasn’t shied away from stepping out of his comfort zone (looking at you Machete Kills) and into something you wouldn’t quite expect. While he generally has no interest in the superhero genre, we won’t lie and say that it wouldn’t be quite the visual spectacle. Gibson has a flare for directing grand films that are large in scale and he’d certainly nail it in the director’s chair.

George Miller

The creator behind the apocalypse’s most deadly antihero was once set to bring the Justice League to life with Armie Hammer in the role of Bruce Wayne/Batman. The film never took off as expected and has become quite as infamous as Superman Lives (though not as extreme). But the 71-year-old did manage to win over new fans back in 2015 with the fourth installment of his desert opera Mad Max series. The not-so-generic summer blockbuster became a critical darling and even snagged Best Picture and Best Director nominations at the 88th Academy Awards. With a newfound interest in whatever Miller cooks up next, a “from the director of Mad Max: Fury Road” would surely generate some interest.

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Five Directors Who Can Take On ‘The Batman’