Justice League-War-Flashpoint-after-credits-earth-2-2
Flash point as a Great movie  and also offered up a Peek at the next DC animated movie. After the credits of “Flashpoint Paradox” we get a Boom Tube that opens with Hordes of Parademons that come flying out. Does this mean that the Next DC comics Movie will feature the Justice league going up against Darkside and his Hordes. Check out the Screen cap below of the Flashpoint Paradox After credits clip.

Justice League-War-Flashpoint-after-credits-earth-2

Update: We have learned that this Clip is a Peek at the New DC comics Animated film based in the Earth 2 Universe.

The movie will be called “Justice League: War” Learn more about it Here:  JUSTICE LEAGUE: WAR

“Justice League: War” is the next big DC Universe Animated Original Movie on the docket for Warner Bros. Animation.

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