So part one of the now-traditional Flash/Arrow crossover is in the books, and it left us clamoring tomorrow night’s continuation now! We got introduced to a pivotal bad guy in the newest Arrowverse series, some heroes that will be time traveling with Rip Hunter and we finally synced up the new teams. Well, new Arrow-friends (and frenemies), anyway.

Some quick notes:

-Vandal Savage. BAMF of the ages, cool accent. Looking forward to seeing him as the big baddie on Legends of Tomorrow.

-Hawkman. Very cool entrance, interesting that they’re going with the Golden Age mythos (reincarnated Egyptian prince, rather than Thanagarian policeman. There’s a loophole they could exploit, but that’s a whole other post.

-Patty. It might be time for Joe to keep her in the loop on Earth-2 and…well, everything. We can’t keep doing Speed Force-surgery on Harry.

The rest of it is best summed up in our reaction chat:



FlashArrowCrossover_Chat_003          FlashArrowCrossover_Chat_004

#FlashxArrow Part One: “Legends of Today”