If you want to believe, this may be the best news yet: after cult ’90s hit “The X-Files” returned for a limited six-episode run last fall, the cliffhanger ending kept fans guess on a potential return of the FBI’s spookiest unit. Well, guess no longer!

At the Television Critics Association press tour on Monday, FOX entertainment chief David Madden said the network was interested in brining the series back, but “schedules are hard.” But if you put your mind to it, anything’s possible. And FOX certainly seems to have a renewal top-of-mind. After Madden’s comments, Fox Television Group CEO/Chair Dana said:

“We would have liked to have done more in the first place.It was really the limitations of David and Gillian and Chris’ schedules. Gillian lives in the UK, David lives in New York and California, and we do the show in Vancouver. Chris lives up north. So it was just trying to coordinate a time where they all carve out a period to be in Vancouver.”

Walden contends that a new season will be longer, potentially up to 10 episodes for fans to drool over. While there were some missteps in the classic’s limited run, it was X-Files through and through, upping the ante on former (current?) Special Agent Fox Mulder’s unquenchable need to chase a vast government conspiracy involving extraterrestrials.

As long as Carter continues to helm the show and classic writers can return (we’re looking at you James Wong and Morgan brothers Glen and Darin!), we’re sure the predicament Mulder and partner Dr. Dana Scully found themselves in can be resolved. And obviously we want to know the fate of green-behind-the-ears investigators Agents Einstein and Miller will do in the face of adversity.

Just don’t expect to see Robert Patrick back as Agent John Doggett. He made it pretty clear before Season 10 he doesn’t plan on revisiting any past characters, including the Marine-turned-NYPD-cop-turned-FBI-agent.

Stay tuned for any updates, and in the meantime let us know what you think! Are you psyched? Skeptical? Where do our intrepid heroes go from here? Sound off!

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