Happy Valentines Day! (Or Singles Awareness Day!), We the People of Geekdom (Geek-Prime) wanted to present a timeline of some of our Favorite Geek-Love romances over the years. you may Notice some are not here but we had to keep it to a limit so we choose some of our Favorites. If you have some to add just add them in the comments below!



Geek-Love Geek-Love-Geek-Prime-02 Geek-Love-Geek-Prime-03 Geek-Love-Geek-Prime-04 Geek-Love-Geek-Prime-05 Geek-Love-Geek-Prime-06 Geek-Love-Geek-Prime-08 Geek-Love-Geek-Prime-07

Geek-Love: A Geeky Timeline of Geek Romances