Dark Phoenix:

Quite honestly, the combined efforts of a half dozen villains on this list aren’t likely to surpass what the Dark Phoenix accomplished in a brief moment. While most evildoers scheme and contemplate the destruction of the world, the Phoenix Force, through Jean Grey and in its most savage state, has simply acted and destroyed billions of lives.

As one of the most powerful entities on this list, the Dark Phoenix has immense telepathy and telekinetic abilities, but more importantly control over matter itself. This power level, combined with the classic nature of the original “Phoenix Saga” storyline, has largely prevented Marvel from revisiting the concept, despite teasing it in a limited capacity on numerous occasions through Jean Grey’s resurrection or various mini-series that explored the nature of the Phoenix Force itself.

Despite having limited exposure when compared to many of the other villains in the upper ranks of our list, the Dark Phoenix is still one of the most accomplished and legendary. To this day, the Phoenix Saga is regarded as one of the best X-Men stories ever created. That accomplishment alone was a huge factor in our rankings.

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