Here is how to unlock your pre order bonuses in Destiny 2 like the Coldheart exotic trace rifle. If you preordered the Game for Xbox or PS4 you were most likely enticed by the fact that the digital deluxe version comes with a pretty sweet Exotic rifle and exclusive sword.

To unlock some of these goodies in the game you will have to progress in Destiny 2 a bit first. For your exclusive emotes and emblem, you will have to complete the first few missions and once you return to the farm you’ll be able to access your emotes and exclusives from the vault.


Next up, to get your exclusive sword and Coldheart exotic trace rifle you will have to wait until you get deeper into Destiny 2. Cold Heart will be unlocked at the end of Destiny 2’s story missions. But no worries at least you will have it for the first nightfall strikes.

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How to get Destiny 2 pre order bonuses