With the release of the new patch for Destiny Rise of Iron we got a few updates like the new Plague lands area on earth and the Felwinter Peak social space.

Click to see large map of the plaguelands

Click to see large map of the plaguelands

Additionally, we started to see a lot of engram drops during gameplay  that featured some new weapons and higher light level.

But most importantly one of the biggest updates to the game has to be the addition of a new Rise of Iron EXOTIC SIDE ARM! Apologies for the excitement … its just its been so long since we actually had anything new added to destiny :).  Let’s jump right into the new exotic and all of its glory.


The newest Destiny Exotic sidearm is called “Trespasser” and using it in game we can see that Bungie has increase side arm damage by almost 30%.

Here are some of the perks attached to the sidearm that make it pretty damn good in PVP battles and some PVE situations.

Trespasser (Exotic Sidearm) Perks:

This weapon fires burst of bullets with deadly accuracy.

Kills with this weapon grant enhanced motion tracker resolution for a short time.

Reloading after a kill causes the next burst to be a longer, more powerful superburst.

Plus the gun has some pretty awesome ornament skins that should be available from XUR the first Friday of Rise of Iron.

Trespasser Ornament skins: 


CRUCIBLE ASSASSINcrucible-assassin-ornament

Below is some Gameplay footage of Mr. Fruit using the Trespasser side arm in a Crisible Rumble match.


How to get Destiny Rise of Iron Exotic Sidearm Trespasser + gameplay footage