Getting Legendary shards in Destiny 2 will be the key to upgrading, buying & getting legendary & exotic weapons. To get legendary shards you will need to do things like dismantling legendary/exotic weapons & earning legendary shards form public event missions (Flashpoints).

One thing new to Destiny 2 is that you will be able to use Legendary shards to buy exotics and items from Xur.

What are Legendary shards?
Legendary shards according to Destiny 2 are “Remnants of powerful items. Used to improve gear or trade for other items.”.

Legendary Shards destiny 2
Getting Legendary shards quickly by doing the following: 

Dismantling Weapons

  • You can get Legendary shards buy dismantling Legendary weapons which will get you 2 Legendary shards.
  • When you dismantle exotic weapons you will get 10 legendary shards.

In game activities

  • Weekly Nightfall strikes
  • Strike Boss kills
  • Flashpoints
  • Planetary chest
  • Lost sector chest
  • Raid Chest
  • Raid encounters or bosses

If you don’t know flashpoints are missions Cayde-6 will send you on that will that tie into multiple public events in different locations. Once you complete them he will give you Legendary Shards as a reward.


The best way to farm legendary shards will be getting legendary weapons from a reliable source like one of the first and easiest strikes and dismantling the weapons.

Where to find Xur? Destiny 2
How to buy Exotic weapons and armor with Legendary shards? 

You will need legendary shards to buy items and exotic weapons from Xur. Xur can be found in locations like the European Dead zone, Nessus, IO or other locations. Xur appears Friday mornings at 2am EST US time so be ready to start the hunt for his location.


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