Check out the Photos we got thanks to @Contact Music and from London.


In these Exclusive Guardians of the Galaxy Movie Set photos we get a peek at Glenn Close as Queen Adora. Also, some production shots of Different Aliens Fleeing across the London Millennium Bridge. Fully decked out Nova Corps uniforms and Armor also appear in the shots.

Although we dont know what Nova Prime will look like it would appear this film is Less about the Nova Corps being destroyed and more about their involvement in the Guardians of the Galaxy’s adventure.


In the gallery below, we see a diverse group of aliens who we can guess reside on the home planet of the Nova Corps Xandar. The steel tower that appears in the photos may be a shot thats meant to show apart of the Xandar supercomputer that holds the Nova force. We have a feeling that the pink aliens and blue may be subtle hints to Kree involvement in the storyline. We know that Ronan the Accuser will appear in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie but we don’t know to what extent his background will be explored.

Check out the Guardians of the Galaxy set photos below and let us know your thoughts.

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Glenn Close as Queen Adora & Guardians of the Galaxy Set Photos