Finally Jiren has unleashed his power.  But was it all we were hoping for? Was it worth the lost of Android 17?  Episode 127 of Dragon Ball Super started with Jiren basically one-punching Goku Vegeta and Android 17 and showing them the hopelessness of there effort. However what surprised a lot of us fans is why if Jiren had just now released his full power, was it so easy for Goku and friends to fight on par with a now full powered Jiren. In previous episodes it was difficult just to get pass his massive aura now it is a free for all. Maybe it was a mistake by the writer of the episode, whatever the reason was this just reminded me of the now way to normal super saiyan form. It seems that DB Super is just letting fighters become strong just so they are able to write/show us a good fight. What is the justification of Android 17 at a stand still with Jiren when he was not even able to hold his own versus Toppo.  In my mind Android 17 is not on par with Goku Jiren or Vegeta.

So what does  that mean for episode 128. The title “Noble Pride to the End Vegeta Falls” tells us that Vegeta might get eliminated from the tournament.  From the preview we see a beaten Goku on the Ground and a drained Vegeta beaten but fighting on.  As a Vegeta Fan I am sad to say that I think there is a strong probability that the Saiyan Prince will get eliminated.  One reason I believe this to be true is because they are giving him a whole episode to show his Saiyan Pride. Which if you think about it they are basically giving him a send off worthy of the saiyan Prince. Second the writers are going to use Frieza in a grand way for the finale. Jiren manhandled Frieza yet did not throw him off knowing less than four minutes remain. You heard it here first guys Goku and Frieza Vs Jiren. I am very anxious and hopeful for episode 128 as episode 127 had many holes in its writing however only time will tell. What are your predictions for episode 128 and what did you think of episode 127?

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Goku and Frieza VS Jiren