Google Chromecast review

If you are looking for an alternative way to enjoy your favorite movies, television shows, and music, you might want to try one of the streaming media devices.

In this Google Chromecast review we take a look at streaming media players. We also take a look at Google Chromecast vs Roku vs Apple TV.

Consumers are searching for a way to end the high cable bills and still enjoy their favorite shows, movies, and music. Google Chromecast is a great alternative. The Google Chromecast device is small and resembles a flash drive or perhaps a dongle. It weighs a mere 1.2 ounces. Well, this makes the device easy to misplace. On the other side it is easy to carry with you on vacation or while traveling. The Google Chromecast setup is remarkably easy. In a matter of minutes you are able to plug it into the HDMI connection on your big screen television and connect to your WiFi network. Then you will have to go online and finish the setup with your laptop or smartphone. Google will take you by the hand and walk you through the steps. Control the device remotely with your laptop, tablet, or smart phone. In mere minutes you are ready to watch your favorite YouTube videos, movies, and music.

Here is what you will receive in the package:
Google Chromecast
HDMI Extender
USB Power Cable
Power Adapter

Consumers will agree that the price is just right. Currently, the device is available for about $35 and up. It is one of the most affordable streaming media players on the market. Google obviously placed a lot of research and thought into the design. They understand exactly what the consumer wants in their streaming media players. In the future, Google plans to add plenty more apps to the Google Chromecast.

Who comes out on top in a Google vs Roku vs Apple TV contest? Well, there is one feature that the Google Chromecast excels at and that is streaming the latest YouTube videos. Roku does not have the Youtube app. The Apple TV device is very bumpy and takes a long time buffering content streamed to the television. The Google Chromcast interface is also easier to understand than Roku or Apple TV. It is very obvious that the Google Chromcast TV streaming devices outclasses all the alternative streaming media players by a very long distance.

Google Chromecast TV Streaming Device does live up to all the hype that is surrounding the device. The dongle’s popularity is starting to exceed the popularity of other streaming media devices that are currently on the market. Google Chromecast Best Buy release is available.


Google Chromecast review