In this GoPro Hero 3 review, we will be looking at what most commentators say is the all around best sports camera on the market today.
It comes in three models in order of price: White, Silver and Black Edition but for the purposes of this review we will mainly be looking at the Black Edition model which is much more feature rich than the other two and only costs a few dollars more.

HERO3+ Black Edition Review

HERO3+ Black Edition Review


First of all, probably the coolest new feature on the GoPro Hero 3 Black is the built in Wi-Fi connectivity. This means it can be synched to an app on your smartphone allowing you to easily and instantly upload all your videos to Youtube or your video blog. On top of this, all three models of this camera have a new, completely waterproof casing which means that users won’t have to go and buy a separate one to record their underwater adventures as they had to in the past. Of course this new casing might make users of third party attachments like the Vector Mount GO (which can be attached to your car or motorcycle) wonder if all of their extra gear is now obsolete but the company has wisely chosen not to change this mount, just most of what surrounds it.

Another bonus is the stereo microphone and speaker, a serious upgrade from older models which only had a mono microphone and no speaker at all. One frustration that many users of previous models had was the menu interface, a series of buttons which could get complicated for things like white and color balance. This is no longer an issue when the GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition is out of its’ case because it comes equipped with a touch screen making the menu system much more user friendly.

Overall, this is a great product which has been earning praise from reviewers across the board. It can easily handle the HD 1080p standard for resolution and can go even higher up to 4K Cin (although, since its’ maximum storage capacity is a 64 GB micro SD card you will need to carry a few of these if you plan on using it at the highest settings). Still not convinced? Look up GoPro Hero 3 on Youtube to see videos of this amazing camera in action or go to Amazon.com and check out the many glowing customer reviews.


GoPro Hero 3 review – Why you NEED one!