After checking out the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer a few hundred times I thought it might be geeky of me to breakdown what I saw for you guys! Also, I noticed a few things that I thought might be important to the Guardians of the Galaxy Plot.

But first Here is the Trailer again, just in case you missed it.

Now! Lets take a dive into the trailer and talk about some of the characters and references from the Marvel Universe.

The trailer opens with Starlord entering what seems like a pretty ancient temple. Note he is also wearing his 80’s walkman here as well.


Starlord enters the room and approaches a spherical object that looks pretty familiar.

I don’t know the importance of the sphere, but I saw it at Comic Con San Diago. Marvel included it in the Guardians of the Galaxy Movie Prop display.

Enter Korath the Pursuer


Korath is kind of a advanced bounty hunter who enters the chamber behind Starlord to prevent him from taking the object inside. Or he was there to steal it too and starlord beat him to it. After confiscating the object from him Korath questions who exactly the Star Lord is.


Korath is with two Sakaaran Troopers which would suggest a Planet Hulk Easter Egg or Marvel just expanding the reach of the film.

Sakaar just in cause you missed it, is the planet hulk crashes on during the “Planet Hulk” Storyline from the comics. Who knows maybe its a hint to an upcoming Planet Hulk Movie?

Starlord has cybernetic enhancements and uses technology augmentations much like Ironman. And has a translator installed in his neck to augment his voice so aliens can understand him.

Next, The guardians get arrested by the Nova corps on Xandar … Xandar is the home world of the Nova Corps so we think the Guardians got arrested on Purpose. Its like wanted criminals walking into a police station …


Click here to find out who are the Guardians of the Galaxy.

The Nova Corps are like an intergalactic police force / army of Xandar. They have Members that include aliens from all over the galaxy, kinda like Marvels Green Lantern core. We have some Guardians of the Galaxy set photos from the Millennial Bridge in london.

Check out Glenn close in full make-up as Adora the Queen of Xandar and more set photos here. [ There is still some Debate about her character because even IMDB has her listed as Commander Rael ] Let the Geek debates Begin! lol


We’ll talk more about the implications of the Nova corps in the film later.

Check out the name thats listed under Starlords associates. The Name reads Yondu Undonta, in the comics he was one of the original members of the Guardians of the Galaxy. Here is a Photo from the Guardians of the Galaxy set that features what looks like a ship thats crashed landed. Yondu Udonta will be played by Michael Rooker who you might recall from his Latest role on the Walking Dead.


Now we get to the Quick snippet part of the trailer and we get some sneak peeks of important scenes from the movie. Racoon shooting up the prison which gives us a hint at a prison break scene.


And it seems that Nebula Appears to ether break out the Guardians or Just kick this Random Nova’s ass lol.


We even get to see a quick shot of Drax the Destroyer getting owned by one of the movies main villains Ronon the Accuser. If you look between him and Drax you can see that Director James Gunn decided to keep the classic Iconic shape of his Hammer.


Check out Benicio Del Toro as the collector, we first saw him in the after credits scene of Thor 2 the Dark world and he was given one of the infinity Stones for protection.

Benicio Del Toro as the collector

But something happens in the movie that leads to ether his base getting destroyed or a ship he has. Note the Name on the logo, Tivan short for Taneleer Tivan AKA The Collector.

More about him here!

I hope you enjoyed my geeky rant about the Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer.

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Guardians of the Galaxy Plot (Trailer Breakdown)